Joyful Goals

ColbyCo Goal Worksheet

Erika recently did a training session where she used the book Finish by Jon Acuff as a reference material. In doing so, she introduced me to the book. Powerful concepts that reinforced many things I had been doing instinctively. It introduced other things to my way of thinking that have really resonated in this season of my life.

The most exciting of those concepts to me is the idea of setting your goals with a focus of things that bring you joy. I had been working for quite some time on moving my focus to things I like to do, but hadn’t quite made the jump from like to joyful. That jump has been a doozy and has me rethinking some of the goals that I had previously set. The process in and of itself has brought me joy. Take a moment and reflect on your goals for 2020 and ask yourself if you need more joy in your life.

Many of you have gone through my goal setting exercise using my goal pyramid. If you would like to talk about how to use this worksheet, reach out and I would be happy to provide a PDF version with full instructions at no cost.

Here is a link to purchase the book.

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